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Set in Hollywood, PORN explores the complexities of Human Nature and Relationships, amidst the backdrop of the Porn Industry (life Behind the Sign), one of the most lucrative and age-old industries in the World. 



1. To bring (a person) into a specific relationship, esp. to take (another’s child) as one’s own child.


This three part film series explores the world of adoption, with all of it's complexities of emotion and legality.


Meet Savannah! The most dynamic young girl to come onto the scene since Pippi Longstocking.  Join Savannah & her friends as they take us on entertaining and educational adventures, all over the world, and BEYOND...

An off the radar, "Task Force" is made up of retired SAS, Black Ops, Interpol, and Mosad, "Chaos" dives into the underbelly of humanity, the world of human trafficking.  Their motto: No Girl is Left Behind"--Help is coming. 

Harmony centers on a young man who has the ability to hear people's "song"- a piece of music that is completely unique to the individual and creates an online site where members have the chance to find their perfect match/soulmate.

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