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Global Reign is a Full Service Creative Company owned and operated by Rana Davis.  From Concept Art & Design, Photo/Videography, & Script Services to Full Blown Production...We Got You.



Mission Statement


"To unbashedly and unapologetically investigate the human condition.  To tell the stories that need to be told." 

Note from the CEO-


In a world that is getting more isolated and self absorbed by the minute, it is imperative to me as an artist to seek out humanity wherever I can find it.  

Outside of pigeon holes and constraints, Global Reign has one mission; 

To find and tell the truth. 

We as a society and an industry, continue to champion mediocrity for fear that we will not reach audiences. 

I have a firm belief in this day and age, audiences are a lot more savvy than we give them credit for.

There is a dialogue that is wanting to be had and there are so many people being left out of the conversation. 

There are people that are ready.

There are writers that are ready.

There are producers that are ready.

There are networks that are ready.

Times have changed, the industry has changed, the world has changed.

It's time to raise the bar. 

Each of us, everywhere.


Rana Davis


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