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"I worked with Rana years ago and would highly recommend her for any job in casting. She is extremely smart, and has an eye for great talent. Her energy and enthusiasm are amazing and she is a pleaseure to be around." - Cori Abraham, Vice President at Bravo
"Very Talented & Professional. What else can one ask for?" - Eric Adams, Drummer/Percussionist
"I worked with Rana on several occasions always with dazzling results. Rana is diligent, clever and always thinking outside the box. Working on projects with Rana is always a breeze because i know that everything will be taken care of efficiently and with a knack that many others would never have discovered or pulled together." - Jonas Schwartz, Account Manager (Headhunter) at TenTek
"I have known Rana since she was a teenager. She was a dedicated, motivated and hard-working performer at that time and the last 25 years have only fine tuned the natural talent and raw ability I first noticed when directing her in musicals, coaching her for roles vocally, and giving her voice lessons. She is a charismatic performer with a unique style, a definitive voice--in more ways than one--and a strong personality. She is versatile and committed. I recommend her without reservation." - Jessica Finkelberg Silver, Owner/President at The Solid Silver Company
"Rana is an energetic and hard worker. She has a great eye for casting and works very well with actors." - Samantha Finkler, Production Supervisor at DreamWorks Animation
"I have known Rana for a number of years , she is dedicated , consciensious and talented . Would hired her in any capacity if we were currently seeking reliable and professional people." - Richard Temtchine, President at Quadrant Entertainment
"Rana is a shining star and brings brilliance and enthusiasm to the table. Dependable. professional and ethical. As good as it gets!" - Sarr Sheffer, Freelance Entertainment Tech and Event Producer
"Rana is a force and a presence you will likely never forget. As a person and a human being, Rana is insightful, inspirational, graceful, honest and direct and these traits most certainly transfer to her work ten-fold. Based on my twenty-two years of knowing and working with Rana, I can highly recommend her for any project requiring big talent, unsurpassed spirit and professional dedication." - Brooke Marie Procida, Performer/Photographer/Creative Entrepreneur 
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